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Sound Healing Meditation

There are many forms of Meditations from individual forms such as daydreaming to group gatherings, listening to guided meditation, various forms of painting/ art work, music, sound, walking, chanting, absorbing natures gifts of wind, water, sun, earth etc.

Each of us will find the appropriate form of Meditation for that moment of integration, peace, healing, allowing us to find answers to personal growth physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Many are so busy they are not even aware of how or when they may 'meditate' such as daydreaming, doodling, sitting in a quiet place, walking on the beach, focussing on the ripples of water, the movement of the leaves, watching children or animals at play and for some even staring blankly at the TV set at the end of a busy day.

These all take us into varying levels of a meditative state, a state of 'switching off 'from what we perceive on a mental level as the 'real world'. The deeper the level of meditating the more 'quietness' one finds, which then allows the body, mind and soul to heal and release the conditions, stigmas and expectations of our everyday life.

When participating in group Meditations, especially for the first time, one feels the uncertaintity of what is 'expected' of you and how you should be in and during a meditation. Allow yourself to let go of these expectations of what you have heard and follow your own path. A facilitator, whether physically close to you or via a guided cd will use a format according to their experiences to assist you to relax and go into the deeper levels of relaxation. Sometimes this may follow in the form of a story, to help you to let go of your mental control and focus mentally on what they are saying. It may take a little practice to switch off the daily mind chatter and that is ok- some things may pop up mentally to be acknowledge and clear of your agenda, that in itself is a wonderful start.

I facilitate Meditation using various SOUND Instruments forming a SOUND WASH such as drums, crystal singing bowls, tibetan singing bowls- including a large Tibetan Bowl which ones stands in for personal vibrational healing, rattles,  'Om',  walking  Labyrinth formations . ALL to help you find YOUR INNER SPACE/SANCTUM!

Sound Healing Meditations


Carpe Diem Port Adelaide Sth Australia


see Calendar for

  New Times & Dates for 2015 -

Held Weekly on Wednesdays

10-11 am


Using Crystal Singing Bowls, also Tibetan Singing Bowls including a Tibetan Healing Bowl , intermingled with chimes, bells, drums &Tibetan cymbals

If you wish to attend, please call me so we can accommodate all comfortably in appropriate space

For your comfort you may wish to bring a yoga mat or blanket, pillow  if you wish to lay down, chairs are available.

Energy Exchange is $10    

Tibetan Healing Bowls also works on an individual on a personal level as they stand within the Bowl as it is played and allow the vibrations to physical flow through every cell of your Being

Bookings to Jeanette 0411 034 177

or Email: centreofinfinity@gmail.com