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I thank all participants for their words of encouragement assisting me with my many changes that I need to make within myself and also my programs, and in having the opportunity to show others how they too can make changes in their lives. :)

May you find what you are searching for deep within your Inner Self through the love you give to yourself.

With Love


Quotes A very open and encouraging atmoshpere......no pressure or time issues were placed on anybody. Quotes
Sharon M 2007
Reiki 1

Quotes ......it was a beautiful experience that I wouldnt have missed for anything. Quotes
Cristine F 2007
Reiki 1

Quotes I didnt think it would be so relaxing.......that was a lovely additive Quotes
Cheryl 2006
TeaLeaf Reading workshop

Quotes Thank you so much for your guidance and encouragement......I have thoroughly enjoyed this journey. Quotes
Rosa 2006

Quotes I found everything about the workshop clear and easy to understand with lots of hands on practice and meditations. The atmosphere was calming thank you. Quotes
Glenda 2006
Reiki 1

Quotes I came with an open mind, knowing I would leave with healing tools to help myself and others......I enjoyed the meditation sessions and found myself releasing negative feelings and gathering positve ones. Quotes
Sandra W 2006
Reiki 1

Quotes I gained knowledge on the Chakras and learnt more about myself and accepting who I am and who I want to become through meditation, finding selfworth and made valuable friendships. Quotes
Glenda 2006
Chakra Workshop

Quotes I liked the flexibility shown in altering focus to suit participants.......love the art posters, meditations and practice...very enjoyable with thanks. Quotes
Jodi S
Reiki 2 2006

Quotes I thoroughly enjoyed the course..... I valued the knowledge that you have shared.......We had fun and the program expanded my comfort zone more than I could imagine. Quotes
Dianne P
Chakra Workshop 2006

Quotes Making a Difference 1) You are always concerned about the welfare of others 2) You are a leader in your field 3) You love the challenge of going to places that give you the continued advancement of your spirituality Luv and blessings Jc Quotes
Facilitator Nov 2009