Centre of  Infinity

Be at One with your INFINITE Self


I thank all participants for their words of encouragement assisting me with my many changes that I need to make within myself and also my programs, and in having the opportunity to show others how they too can make changes in their lives. :)

May you find what you are searching for deep within your Inner Self through the love you give to yourself.

With Love


Quotes Very helpful and insightful, helped develop areas I didnt think I had skills in...... to trust the world and myself. It covered more areas into psychic development than expected Quotes
H. J. 2009
Psychic Development workshop

Quotes Thank you for caring and allowind me to see me! I realise that I need to put me first and not last...... Quotes
M. E. 2008
Reiki 1

Quotes Thank you for all the work spent with me to help my knowledge/self growth..... Quotes
Sue W 2008
Reiki Master Teacher/ Healer Program

Quotes Learnt attunements and to feel comfortable to perform with confidence in my self discovery journey and master myself through my own healing. Quotes
Mia 2008
Reiki Masters 2007- 2008

Quotes A relaxed atmosphere, friendliness, fulfilling in being taught......all of which were wonderful Quotes
Mary C 2008
Reiki 2

Quotes Excellent workshop, comfortable and peaceful Quotes
Regina 2008
Reiki 2

Quotes Program was really good and felt safe Quotes
Sue W 2008
Intuitive Art workshop

Quotes Loved it......laughter makes learning easier Quotes
Chirs 2007
Reiki 2

Quotes A very open and encouraging atmoshpere......no pressure or time issues were placed on anybody. Quotes
Sharon M 2007
Reiki 1

Quotes ......it was a beautiful experience that I wouldnt have missed for anything. Quotes
Cristine F 2007
Reiki 1