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Be at One with your INFINITE Self


I thank all participants for their words of encouragement assisting me with my many changes that I need to make within myself and also my programs, and in having the opportunity to show others how they too can make changes in their lives. :)

May you find what you are searching for deep within your Inner Self through the love you give to yourself.

With Love


Quotes Received increase understanding and experience through practical work of Energy healing using Pellowah. Quotes

Quotes Peaceful & meaningful environment to integrate with the knowledgeable information that was passed on in a easy to learn understanding.... Seichim Level 1 Mar 2014 Quotes
Seichim level 1 - Mar 2014

Quotes All questions answered with clarity with an insight to be admired.... Quotes
Seichim Level 1- Dec 2013

Quotes Wow another fablous moment from an unforgettable experience. Just before the completion of the second attunement I felt a hot burning sensation just like a hot skewer was being put into my shoulder and amazingly enough I have had two days pain free....the first in many years so no one could ever tell me that Pellowah is not a powerful energy. Immediately after I asked if I was taller well my chin was forced upwards while a pressure was felt at the base of my skull and the sensation was that I was aligned and possibly about an inch taller now....amazing feeling. Thank you so much for everything .. Regards Vicky Quotes
Pain free! 18/7/10
Pellowah 2

Quotes I discoverd a lot about myself and how to find inner peace and happiness. Quotes
Miss S
Reiki 1 Feb 2010

Quotes Learnt about a natural healing modality for personal benefit and also to enhance my medical training.....it was relaxing, calming and wonderful couple of days. Quotes
Miss J
Reiki 1 Feb 2010

Quotes The program just flowed along its own path which caused no stress, but still was structured. Quotes
Mr Chef
Reiki 1 Feb 2010

Quotes ...really good, had 2 teachers and both their experiences and explaination of different angles... Quotes
Reiki 1 2010

Quotes Very helpful and insightful, helped develop areas I didnt think I had skills in...... to trust the world and myself. It covered more areas into psychic development than expected Quotes
H. J. 2009
Psychic Development workshop

Quotes Thank you for caring and allowind me to see me! I realise that I need to put me first and not last...... Quotes
M. E. 2008
Reiki 1