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Be at One with your INFINITE Self


I thank all participants for their words of encouragement assisting me with my many changes that I need to make within myself and also my programs, and in having the opportunity to show others how they too can make changes in their lives. :)

May you find what you are searching for deep within your Inner Self through the love you give to yourself.

With Love


Quotes I found Reiki level 2 fun and with lots of clear, helpful information and tools. Quotes
Reiki 2 June 2012

Quotes I really enjoyed Reiki 1 and am looking forward to Reiki 2......I have found that my awareness has advanced in receiving a deeper understanding of things in my life" Quotes
Reiki 1 May2012

Quotes Well organised. Flowed well with the ability to be adjusted for individual participants. Variety of mediums used. An enjoyable and informative format with supportive and energetic facilitators Quotes
Life Balancing Mandalas Feb 2012
Chris W

Quotes I attended your Mandala class in Oct 2011 at Carpe Diem. I've been thinking since... that I wanted to... let you know how much I enjoyed the afternoon. It's taken me a while to do so but here we go. I loved the way you facilitated the afternoon. Right from the beginning it felt good to be there. I really appreciate your generosity... I also really liked the crystal bowls. It was great to have so many resources to choose from... there was also a generosity of spirit which made this a special experience. Quotes
Satisfied- Oct 2011

Quotes I am having a wonderful morning - feeling the infinite harmony of the Cosmos :) I am infusing this beautiful love and light into the words of my thanks for your Mandala Arth Meditation on Sunday. Thank you Jeanette, for such a beautiful Mandalla Art Mediatation Workshop on Sunday. The sound and energy of the crystal bowls was a joy to experience that inspired me to let go of everything I had thought previously about art and enjoy the new experience of creating a mandala of my own. I loved every minute of it. Thank you again, in love and light Jayne Quotes
Inspired - Mandala Art Meditation 23/10/2011

Quotes Jeanette to me felt like a divine soul facilitating a higher purpose with natural grace and ease of angels...... Quotes
Seichim Level 1-29/ 5/11

Quotes ...Found Pellowah level 1 an empowering and positive experience. I look foward to be working with this wonderful energy and will follow up with level 2 soon ...... from your friend Paul Quotes
Paul B
Pellowah level 1 17/7/10

Quotes Thank you for the experience with the Labyrinth Walk on friday night . The energy was very powerful and healing. SN Quotes
Labyrinth Walk 2/7/10

Quotes 'Extremely enjoyable- great friendly learning environment" Quotes
Seichim level 1 2015

Quotes 'really enjoyed Reiki 1- was a warm & comfy environment' Quotes
Vesna G
Reiki 1 - Oct 2014