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I thank all participants for their words of encouragement assisting me with my many changes that I need to make within myself and also my programs, and in having the opportunity to show others how they too can make changes in their lives. :)

May you find what you are searching for deep within your Inner Self through the love you give to yourself.

With Love


Quotes I attended your Mandala class in Oct 2011 at Carpe Diem. I've been thinking since... that I wanted to... let you know how much I enjoyed the afternoon. It's taken me a while to do so but here we go. I loved the way you facilitated the afternoon. Right from the beginning it felt good to be there. I really appreciate your generosity... I also really liked the crystal bowls. It was great to have so many resources to choose from... there was also a generosity of spirit which made this a special experience. Quotes

Quotes I am having a wonderful morning - feeling the infinite harmony of the Cosmos :) I am infusing this beautiful love and light into the words of my thanks for your Mandala Arth Meditation on Sunday. Thank you Jeanette, for such a beautiful Mandalla Art Mediatation Workshop on Sunday. The sound and energy of the crystal bowls was a joy to experience that inspired me to let go of everything I had thought previously about art and enjoy the new experience of creating a mandala of my own. I loved every minute of it. Thank you again, in love and light Jayne Quotes
Inspired - Mandala Art Meditation 23/10/2011

Quotes Jeanette to me felt like a divine soul facilitating a higher purpose with natural grace and ease of angels...... Quotes
Seichim Level 1-29/ 5/11

Quotes ...Found Pellowah level 1 an empowering and positive experience. I look foward to be working with this wonderful energy and will follow up with level 2 soon ...... from your friend Paul Quotes
Paul B
Pellowah level 1 17/7/10

Quotes Thank you for the experience with the Labyrinth Walk on friday night . The energy was very powerful and healing. SN Quotes
Labyrinth Walk 2/7/10

Quotes Peaceful & meaningful environment to integrate with the knowledgeable information that was passed on in a easy to learn understanding.... Seichim Level 1 Mar 2014 Quotes
Seichim level 1 - Mar 2014

Quotes All questions answered with clarity with an insight to be admired.... Quotes
Seichim Level 1- Dec 2013

Quotes Wow another fablous moment from an unforgettable experience. Just before the completion of the second attunement I felt a hot burning sensation just like a hot skewer was being put into my shoulder and amazingly enough I have had two days pain free....the first in many years so no one could ever tell me that Pellowah is not a powerful energy. Immediately after I asked if I was taller well my chin was forced upwards while a pressure was felt at the base of my skull and the sensation was that I was aligned and possibly about an inch taller now....amazing feeling. Thank you so much for everything .. Regards Vicky Quotes
Pain free! 18/7/10
Pellowah 2

Quotes I discoverd a lot about myself and how to find inner peace and happiness. Quotes
Miss S
Reiki 1 Feb 2010

Quotes Learnt about a natural healing modality for personal benefit and also to enhance my medical training.....it was relaxing, calming and wonderful couple of days. Quotes
Miss J
Reiki 1 Feb 2010