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Posted on August 22, 2011 at 5:05 AM



Allow yourselves to relax totally, to move your consciousness deep within your Heart, to allow your minds to STILL, and merge with the Love and the Light in your Heart.

Greetings Beloveds. I am the Germain - The I am that I am.

Your world is going through tumultuous times, but this should come as no surprise to all of you, for you have been awakened to these changes for quite some time. There should be no surprises to you, other than the content of the changes as they emerge, for you are prepared for the energies of change.

It is the energies of change that you need to focus upon - not on the outcomes of those energies as they swirl around your Planet, for these are many and varied - some you see - some you do not.

Changes are taking place at every level of life, deep within the Earth itself, deep within the Hearts of all those upon your Earth and within your Earth.

You are becoming increasingly aware that you are not alone upon this Earth as an intelligent consciousness. Many other Beings of Light that have taken other forms are now beginning to speak to you, to converse with you. Your role is simply to open, and allow these communications to resonate deep within your Hearts.

You do not need to understand language - you simply need to embrace energies – energies of Light - and to allow those energies to uplift you.

When you find that energies are around you that do not uplift you – let those energies go their own way. Do not create judgments around these energies, simply because they do not resonate with your Heart. They may well resonate with someone else’s Heart.

For each of you has a unique and individual resonance. Sometimes that is compatible with others, sometimes it is not. This is not judgemental – it is simply factual.

All energy upon your Earth and within your Earth has purpose. It has relevance to some aspect of the Light that continues to emerge and strengthen within and around the Earth.

The energy in the form of sound is often misunderstood. Harmony and disharmony are words of judgment. Sound resonates – again, what resonates with one may not resonate with another. It is the same sound, so it is not harmonic and harmonious or disharmonious – it simply IS, until it connects with you. Then it becomes a choice – do you accept this energy as an upliftment in your life? Or do you allow this energy to go its way because it has no upliftment to you?

These are always the choices you are faced with in every moment of every day of your lives.

Focus totally at this time on feelings of upliftment within yourself. For this time of change is about uplifting the Earth and all upon the Earth.

Do not hold on to energies that do not uplift you.

Do not hold on to circumstances in your lives that do not uplift you.

As you move quickly towards the transformation of your Being, and the transformation of the Earth, you cannot hold on to energies that do not uplift you. For energies that do not uplift you are anchors, and you need, at this time, to flow freely with the energies of change.

Focus now, deep within your Hearts. Let go of all those energies that are not uplifting, that you have been holding on to from your past.

Feel the Love Energy resonate deep within your Heart, creating a pool of Serenity, and allow yourself to flow with this Energy of Serenity. Allow it to create within your lives the upliftment that is necessary for this next stage of your journey.

Take time to meditate. Take time to relax, for the times ahead are turbulent indeed.

Much on your Planet needs to change.

Be the observer.

Do not take on board energies that are less than the Light that you are.

Focus on the Sound of Love within your Being.

I leave you tonight with the word vibration that is the key in this time of transformation:–


Embrace that vibration in your heart. Make it the key for your life at this time.

I am the Germain – The I am that I am.

David J Adams

"Every atom of your Being is a library of wisdom"



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