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Posted on April 3, 2011 at 3:13 AM


DJWAHL KHUL through David J Adams

Listen to the sound of Love deep within your Hearts. Simply open your Being and listen to this Sound Vibration with every atom of your Being, for the sound of Love within your own Heart goes well beyond the frequencies that your human ear can detect.

The Sound of Divine Love is all encompassing, it embraces all frequencies, all Harmonic notes. It is the Music of the Cosmos. Allow yourself to simply listen to the Sound of Love.

As you listen, feel your whole Being becoming Harmonised and enlightened, lifting you up, expanding you out, becoming the true Multidimensional Being that you are.

Listen to the Sound of Divine Love within your Heart. The vibration of your Love connects and interacts with all the vibrations of Divine Love from all the Beings on this Planet, and from the Earth itself.

You are part of a Cosmic Symphony of Divine Love.

You are a unique note within that Symphony, without you there is no completion of the Symphony. Recognize in that the importance that you hold at this time, at all of time. Your individual note/Tone is of immense importance to the whole.

So as you listen to the Sound of Divine Love from within your own Heart, Honour that Sound. Do not draw it back and feel that it is inferior to the Sound of anyone else, KNOW it is integral to the whole Harmonic Symphony of the Cosmos, for Love is an energy, Love is a frequency. It is both Light and Sound. It is a force of creation.

As you recognize the importance of YOUR note within the Symphony, accord honour and respect to all the other notes. Regard them all as Equals. There is no greater or smaller, there is only the equality within the Symphony.

The time has come when the Light and the Love within yourself becomes YOUR guidance. TRUST THAT WHICH IS WITHIN YOURSELF.

In times of great change, times that the Earth is moving through now, there will always be those in fear who seek to diminish your Light because of their own fear. So trust totally in what is within YOU. Do not take on board the fears expressed by others.

When you are given anything which seeks to diminish your Light, LET IT GO !! embrace only that which is empowering to your Light. That, Dear Heart, is you definition of TRUTH.

Energies that uplift and enhance you, and support your trust in yourself – those are your Truth. Let anything other than that fade away. Do not focus on it, do not give it your Light – let it fade away.

The importance now, Dear Ones, is

To accept your Divinity,

To flow with your Divinity,

To recognize your part in the great Symphony of the Cosmos, and

To honour all those who support your Divine Love.

Listen closely to the Sound of the Divine Love within your Hearts, and feel your Light increasing in its power, in its brightness, in its brilliance.

It is time to awaken and believe in your own Divinity.

I am Djwahl Khul, and I bless you my children, and I bless you with Light, and with the Sound of MY Love.

SPIRIT through Fred Welling


Good evening to you. It is important in your life to realize that the Light shines within you. When you enter a room in your homes, you turn on the light when there is darkness, and in your world at the moment there is so many who’s Light is not shining as it could be, if only they realize they are more than just physical vehicles.

Each one of you have had experiences which have elevated your Consciousness far beyond your physical world. When people have the courage to step outside the comfort zones and turn that Light on within them, then they begin to find the Peace that they have been searching for all their life.

When you walk amongst your fellow Human Beings, and you shine your Light, generally you will feel that there is something happening within them, but if they fear what is happening within them, then they remain in that darkness within themselves.

As we move forward into the more expanded Consciousness that is manifesting in your world, each one of you who is open to it will have that Illumination within them, and they can shine that Light out and lift the darkness from their fellow Human Beings.

Fear and anger have been spoken of this evening, which is what stands in their way. They fear that if they step into that unknown aspect of themselves that they will not be able to control it – and your world seeks control. As each one of you know, that control, all that does is create fear. When you remove that control, there is an expansion of awareness that helps that individual realize that what they have been looking for all their lives is manifesting slowly within them.

We can look with our Physical eyes out onto the beautiful Planet in which you live, and we can appreciate the various forms of life and Consciousness which exists within it, but the true Light rests within each one of your Human lives, and when that Light manifests, then the Oneness between Earth and the Cosmos will grow stronger, and people will eventually find the Peace and love and Harmony they have been seeking all their lives.

Love is not a word, it is an expansion of Consciousness, it is a moment of Knowingness when you become who you really are.

When you walk on your Earth with that understanding that within you is Love, Harmony and Peace, and when you radiate that Peace out to all your fellow Human Beings, slowly there will be an understanding that this will manifest Light and remove the darkness that lies within many, many people on your Planet.

The Light is within each individual Soul, and when that Soul starts to stand away from the Physical body and manifest its Love and Harmony, then for the first time people in your world will truly understand what Love really is. For Love is beyond your Human understanding, it is a Love that comes from the Spirit that lies within all beings that exist within the various areas of your Cosmos.

Seek the truth that lies within for the answers that you seek. You will not find them in your outside world, you will find them within the very Heart of your Beingness, and we who manifest around you every day. Many people fail to even understand, see, feel or even smell or feel that Love we are radiating out you all – they are blind to that situation.

We hear many times that people are physically blind. How many people do you think are spiritually blind? There are many stories of people in your world that have been able – once they have left physical body – to see the beauty that has been around them for many life times.

Therefore my friends, as you walk your path, be aware that in you your light is radiating out, and you are uplifting and removing the darkness from the very depths of your Souls.

You have to have light and darkness, because the only way that each individual can walk your world with love is when they realize that Light moves darkness, and they become ONE with the Divine Force that lies within them.

May the Blessing of all Light be with you, and may you know that each one of you is an individual Soul that becomes ONE.

May the Blessings of all life, all Beings, be with you always.

David J Adams

"Every atom of your Being is a library of wisdom"



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