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Posted on April 3, 2011 at 3:08 AM


GERMAIN Through David J Adams

As you close your eyes, see the most powerful Light imaginable. Normally when you close your eyes it is to take away the Light. Now when we close our eyes, we need to be seeing more and more of the Light that is shining from within ourselves. We are closing our eyes to the Light that is not part of ourselves, that is outside ourselves, and we look within to the Light that is within our Hearts and our Souls.

We embrace that Light powerfully, lovingly, accepting that what is within us is more powerful, more profound than anything we may experience from outside ourselves.


To awaken to the power within.

To find the passion within ourselves.

The passion for life upon this Earth.

The passion for the freedom of ourselves, and

The Freedom of our Souls to expand into multidimensional aspects of ourselves

This is not about isolating ourselves by going within, it is about connecting ourselves by going within, for it is the Light within ourselves that connects us to others, that connects us to the Earth, that connects us to the Cosmos. It is the Light within ourselves, and until we find and embrace and become that Light within ourselves, we are not connecting – we are separating.

This is the third Dimensional energies. We have moved beyond that. We are experiencing the fifth Dimensional frequencies of Light within ourselves.

Embracing our own Light enables us to embrace ALL, for the Light within ourselves is the Light of Divine Love, and Divine Love embraces ALL – and excludes nothing. FOR WE ARE ALL ONE.

So move your awareness now, deeper and deeper into yourself, finding the Light becoming brighter and brighter and brighter, until nothing is hidden from you. The shadows, the darkness of fear no longer exists within the cells of your Being. The final remnants of the third Dimensional past is transformed by the power of the Light within you. In that Light, embrace your Higher Soul, embrace its vision, embrace the beat of its Heart, and look around, and see the Earth in its new Light, in its new beauty, and feel the LOVE, feel the power of JOY, and HARMONY. And within that Love, Joy and Harmony is the Healing of all things – for “dis-ease” are the shadows of another Dimension. Transform those shadows with your Light, allow your Light to expand to encompass all around you, shining the Light on their shadows, transforming and transmuting those energies of “dis-ease” into LOVE, Divine unconditional LOVE.

Now let your imagination create within you the visions of the DIVINE BEING that you are. See your life though the Inner Vision of Love. See yourself vibrating to the new frequencies of Light and Love, and see the Earth begin to sparkle, begin to come alive with the new energy, an energy that YOU are creating with your imagination, for your Imagination is your Soul speaking to you. Listen to the voice of your Soul. Allow your imagination to create the life you are moving into.

Take a moment to simply feel the powerful vibration of this new incredible energy that IS the NEW EARTH, that YOU are creating with every thought, every breath – YOU ARE CREATING.

Allow your imagination to soar like the Eagle, to sit high above the Earth and see everything in a new Light of Love, and hear the sounds of JOY, the HARMONY OF LOVE.

Allow each beat of your Heart to pulsate out into the Earth these new vibrations of love, and BE WHO YOU CAME HERE TO BE.

I am the Germain – the I am that I am.

Take into yourselves the message of the Germain. – the I am that I am.

I am the Light.

I am the Love.

I am the Joy.


So be it.

David J Adams

"Every atom of your Being is a library of wisdom"



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