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Who am I?


Have you ever asked yourself " Who Am I & What is My Purpose?"

These are questions I often asked myself as far back as I can remember and I am positive many of you have asked similar questions at various points in your life, searching for that ultimate 'a ha' moment.                                                                                                                                           I was raised in the country, with a christian upbringing, which never really gelled, as I was always looking for that 'something' to fill the emptiness inside. I always looked to the heavens for the answers and was felt draw to extraterrestial life forms and anything out of the 'normal'.      

 Life as a child had its usual ups & downs, there were quite a lot of good memories, even though they are floating now through the 'mists of time' and interpretations become cloudy, I trust that is as I am focussing more on the NOW moment.                                                                                                                                                              I left the country towns to broaden my horizons and moved to the city, went into nursing after a few office jobs, got married, had 3 children after some years and now have a grandchild. I got so involved with the basic, mundane life, I  appeared to forget how much I was searching for the real me. I didn't always seem to listen to my intuition, my body and many other signs that came and went . 

Eventually after the passing of my father in law  in the early '90's, I  resigned from nursing and then a few years later when my my mother in law passed,  I realised I had to take time and look after me, to  find out who I really was and change the way I was leading my life.

I made a Commitment to Me, that I was now going to BE ME .

I look back now and deeply thank my parents in law for the love and learning curbs they presented to me, it was and is the most powerful gift I could have received to get me back on track.

I have sinced been participating in varied programs to guide me back to my reconnective awareness of the Universal Onenes sthrough overseas journeys to sacred and wonderful energy sites in Peru,Mexico, Europe and England and more recently Bolivia, all of which have changed my life in such powerful way,s along with the people I met and enjoyed the journey with.

I have been facilitating my own programs for quite some years now.  Teaching and passing on my experiences, it is also my way of learning and integrating Who I Am,  as well as assisting others in finding their Self.

I facilitate a variety of programs including various forms of Energy Healing such as Pellowah, Usui & Atlantean Reiki , Seichim, ,Mandala Art Meditations , Crystal Singing Bowl Meditations, Labyrinth Walk Meditations, Tea Leaf Readings- the latter two programs are presently on the back burner, so to speak due to a stronger focus on my Art Worx where I can 'flow',experiment and find  a deeper aspect of myself.

Life  on Earth ,is such a powerful journey of Self discovery, that I, even you, have decided to undertake, because we are such powerful Be- ings, We Are Beings of  Love, We Are Beings of Light ( this is not a cliche), it is finding that which has been hidden and opening the door.

May you be enriched in everyway, everyday of your journey.





 A dream is your creative vision for your life in the future. You must break
out of your current comfort zone and become comfortable with the unfamiliar and the unknown..... Denis Waitley 


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Create wherever you are as Peter Donnelly has with Sand , a Rack and a stick and a very focused 'Seeing' ability of the picture at ground level . Created within 3 hours and gone with the tide. Enjoy! http://youtu.be/H6ZqKmaN2qw


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I dreamed I had an interview with God.

So you would like to interview me?” God asked.

If you have the time” I said

God smiled. “My time is eternity.”

What questions do you have in mind for me?”

What surprises you most about humankind?”

God answered...

That they get bored with childhood, they rush to grow up, and then long to be children again.

That they lose their health to make money...and then lose their money to restore their health.”

That by thinking anxiously about the future, they forget the present, such that they live in neither the present nor the future.

"That they live as if they will never die, and die as though they had never lived.”

God’s hand took mineand we were silent for a while.

And then I asked...

As a parent, what are some of life’s lessons you want your children to learn?”

To learn they cannot make anyone love them. All they can do is let themselves be loved.”

To learn that it is not good to compare themselves to others.”

To learn to forgive by practicing forgiveness.”

To learn that it only takes a few seconds to open profound wounds in those they love, and it can take many years to heal them.”

To learn that a rich person is not one who has the most,but is one who needs the least.”

To learn that there are people who love them dearly, but simply have not yet learned how to express or show their feelings.”

To learn that two people can look at the same thing and see it differently.”

To learn that it is not enough that they forgive one another, but they must also forgive themselves.”

"Thank you for your time," I said humbly.

"Is there anything else you would like your children to know?"

God smiled and said, Just know that I am here... always.”

-author unknown